" A game is a modern form of art and science. Or just a game... "

Here, at Suntastic Software, we have only one mission: to bring you, the Player, the most entertaining, addictive and, last but certainly not least, friendly games. So, without further ado:

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Requirements: Win 98/Me/2000/XP, any processor that would run Win 98 or newer, Windows-compatible sound card.

" Prove yourself worthy of leading the humankind to the stars! Prove yourself to be a true Leader! "

In this addictive strategy game you have to prove yourself as the most appropriate person to save the world. To do this, you are assigned only one mission: win the Leaderz tournament.

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Feel free to try our games - they're free, easy to learn and fun to play!
We have created them to be equally fun for people of all ages, skills and schedules. Let we emphasise the latter: our games are playable both at home and in the office, at work. That's right! We repeatedly got cought playing at work, so we've adapted our games to also fit coffee-breaks or tight-schedules.

Our games are just as fun for people playing alone or for families or groups of friends, as they are equally fun to play and fun to watch. Just in case you might want to know, we provide support and complete user manuals for all our games.

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To conclude: we guarantee you 100% entertainment! Want to know how? We agree with you, it doesn't get any better than that...

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